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However, because a number of readers had posted helpful comments & reviews, and I didn't want to see it all vanish into oblivion permanently, I kept a backup around. What you're seeing now is that backup (almost 7 years old now - don't ask how I managed to get it running again...). Things are a bit scattered, and you can't post anything new (the buttons have all been disabled), but the original content is here if you're interested.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2006 1:17 pmAug 18, 2006    Post subject: Happy with Purchase

I found this forum before I purchased my online glasses and therefore wanted to add my reviews too. I bought two pairs, one of which was from SelectSpecs.

They took 16 days to arrive in Canada after placing my order. Not too shabby and in line with what others seem to be waiting.

I paid $38.00 Canadian and of course it comes with all the coatings. The frames are your basic plastic lens which you can find in any spectacle store. I would have had to pay about $170.00 more to get them in a hour around here. The prescription is perfect and the lenses and frames are fine.

I will only be wearing them to watch TV or drive, so I am extremely pleased with the glasses and would not hesitate to buy again.

I also like that you have to sign for the glasses. SelectSpecs states on their website that they are responsible for the glasses until you sign for them. This means if they go missing in the mail, you will not have to cut your losses.

The order status did not change on the website for me and they predicted weeks longer than it actually took. I received an invoice on the day that it had shipped telling to expect the glasses within 5 to 10 days and I received them 5 days later. Monday shipped, Friday received.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2007 2:30 pmMar 20, 2007    Post subject: Another great purchase

Just wanted to update this site with the results of our latest purchase. I wanted to buy another pair and I convinced (or rather wore down) my husband to get a pair for himself.

The first pair I bought were plastic frames, but we went metal and semi-rimless this time. Wow...these glasses do not look cheap. Maybe the $500.00 pairs I've seen in the windows of the high-end frame stores might be a bit better, sure, but for the difference in price, you could get a new pair a year for the next 10 years from SelectSpecs and still be ahead of the game in my opinion.

I was leery that perhaps I just lucked out on my first order, but if anything, the second order was even better. They handled two different prescriptions beautifully and they were shipped out a week later and arrived to me from start to finish (England to Canada) in just 15 days.

Purchase with no fear I say.
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PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2007 2:24 pmMay 30, 2007    Post subject:

recently purchase a pair of them for testing, hopefully i get my hands on it any days now..
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