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However, because a number of readers had posted helpful comments & reviews, and I didn't want to see it all vanish into oblivion permanently, I kept a backup around. What you're seeing now is that backup (almost 7 years old now - don't ask how I managed to get it running again...). Things are a bit scattered, and you can't post anything new (the buttons have all been disabled), but the original content is here if you're interested.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2006 9:37 amAug 18, 2006    Post subject: New polarized clip-on sunshades available

Zenni now has $3.95 polarized clip-on 80%-gray-tint sunshades available for all their glasses. These are claimed to be elegant, very lightweight, and non-dorky; they pick a size, from eight available, that roughly matches the glasses you order. Has anyone here tried them? Any pictures?

The $2.95 clip-ons that Zenni used to sell and that they described as dorky weren't polarized. I got a some and found that they were heavy and so not very comfortable to wear. By contrast, I find their polarized magnetic clip-ons (+Sunshade Models) to be lightweight and very comfortable; while they exactly match the glasses you order, they aren't available for all glasses, as these new ones are.
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