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PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 8:32 pmMar 15, 2008    Post subject: My purchase experience

I ordered one pair for $39 with anti-scratch but no anti-reflective coating (because that would cost more and I was just trying out

They shipped them to me in NZ within a couple of weeks. I really like the glasses frame and colour, and the frame was the right size for my face.

The frame was twisted when the glasses arrived. I managed to twist it back to straight without anything breaking! However I don't know how strong the frame is and how long it will last.

The quality of the glass on my glasses seemed poor. I cleaned the glasses but they still seemed dirty when I looked through them even though they weren't. I don't think the glass in the frames was made to a good quality or finished properly. However this may just be because I don't have anti-reflection coating on the lenses. The glare I get on my glasses when I wear them is bright and distracting so I will definitely get anti-reflection coating on all my glasses in the future. Also my glasses arrived with several small scratches near the centre of each lens. They aren't too bad, if that was all that was wrong I would be very happy with my glasses. However they are a bit distracting because they are in the centre of the lenses not off to the sides.

I don't know whether the prescription is correct or not for me. I don't like wearing these glasses as much as my old glasses (same prescription) - this may only be because I don't like the absence of an anti-reflection coating on them. I want to have my 39dollar glasses checked by an optometrist to see if they got my prescription correct when making them. When I do that and have the results I will post them in reply to this message.

I am disappointed with the glasses I got from 39dollar glasses. However I may buy from them in the future, give them another chance.

If any of you have had your online glasses checked to see if they were made to the correct prescription - please reply to this post to let me know which online businesses to trust!! Thanks
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