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PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 8:43 pmMar 23, 2006    Post subject: Purchase Experience

Ok, time for some feedback on Optical4Less. Order from there a little over 2 weeks ago, received an email about 1 week later that the glasses had, received them about a week after that. I was quite surprised at how quickly they got here (WI) from Hong Kong.

First impressions were pretty good. Came with 2 cleaning cloths and a case. The case isn't that great, (same with Zenni, I forgot to mention that), but the case isn't very important to me. I have several left over from the years of buying $300 glasses. And if I am only paying $40-80 for glasses, I'd rather the money spend on them then a good carrying case. Anyway, I ordered rimless, Hi Index 1.67 lenses. The total was around $77. The lenses are polished very clear which is kind of nice, makes them even less noticeable while wearing them (to others, not me). The frame I ordered feels very stury and strong. The glasses are pretty light, and the 1.67 hi index lens is noticably thinner than the 1.59 that others sites have (like Zenni Optical). However, I am not sure if they are that much thinner that it is a neccessity to order them, though if your prescription is too high you may not have a choice. The presciption is accurate to what I gave them, though I am suspicious of getting a bad prescription from the Dr, so I am getting that doubled checked this weekend. I seem to be able to see just as well if not better with my older glasses, so I am afraid they increased my prescription with one eye unneccessarily. If I find that out to be true I will most likely order another pair from Optical4less. It was a pretty good buying experience and I am happy with the glasses. For now this site comes highly recommended from me.
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