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However, because a number of readers had posted helpful comments & reviews, and I didn't want to see it all vanish into oblivion permanently, I kept a backup around. What you're seeing now is that backup (almost 7 years old now - don't ask how I managed to get it running again...). Things are a bit scattered, and you can't post anything new (the buttons have all been disabled), but the original content is here if you're interested.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 8:10 pmMar 23, 2006    Post subject: Purchase experience

It's great to have site like this, it's very hard to find information online for eyeglass retailers and this site has helped immensely. Time for me to try to contribute and help this site grow hopefully.

Purchased from Zenni about a month ago. The customer service wasn't anything to special, received an email that the order was placed and the orders are sent with in a few days of being placed. I don't believe I heard from them again after, but the glasses arrived 2 weeks later, about what I expected. Upon first inspection the glasses looked good, very light. They were rimless. The frame arms feel verry flimsy, but not a big deal to me as I am usually pretty easy on glasses and am not worried about breaking them, and they are light. I have a higher perscription in one eye(of which I am afraid the Dr changed in my last checkup and that it really shouldn't have). The lens thickness was the same as what I had on my retail store pair that I paid a couple hundreds of dollars for.

The lenses looked good. No scratches. Clean easily. I did have to pay an extra $9 for the higher perscription. I did take them in to get them checked and I found out the other lens was overpowered by -.25. Not a really big deal, for $45 I won't complain much. I bought another pair from another site (Optical4less) that will probably be my main pair and these will be a backup. If I do find out this weekend that I got a bad prescription from my last check up I will reorder from the other site but probably will not reorder from here as I will then already have 2 passable backup pairs, even tho new ones from here would only be $36. For the price and from my experience I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this site for now, and will probably order from here again in the future. However I will probably use Optical4less for my main glasses, this site will be for backups or sunglasses.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 8:20 pmMar 15, 2008    Post subject:

Did you have the optical4less glasses checked also to see if they made them to your prescription? I ordered 2 pairs of Zenni optical glasses. Both seem somewhat different from my prescription (things are a bit blurry at a small distance when they shouldn't be). I don't feel comfortable wearing them if they are not the right prescription for me because I get headaches a lot - its important that my glasses are accurate. But the frames were nice, the anti-reflection coating was good and overall the glass and the frames were good quality. I might order from here in the future, but I think I will try optical4less first.
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