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Joined: 19 Jun 2006Jun 19, 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:28 pmJun 19, 2006    Post subject: Highly recommend

This site offers hi-index 1.61 as super thin lenses free, and more than 1000 frames, some of the frames really nice. the total price also very low, about 25 pounds you can already buy very nice glasses.
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Joined: 30 May 2006May 30, 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 20, 2006 10:40 pmJun 20, 2006    Post subject:

please state why you like them[did you buy glasses from them]

and quit spaming Cool
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Joined: 19 Jun 2006Jun 19, 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:12 pmAug 25, 2008    Post subject: reviews on google checkout for

I was very pleased with my glasses and will definately purchase form you again in the future.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070913... more
Mrs J H Rose 765626546480301 31 Jul 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008062923... more
MR NICK HENDERSON 308653497478468 29 Jul 2008

Great, i got my glasses within a the time scale I was quoted, the glasses are correct and the percription is perfect
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008072713... more
Mrs Joanna Ayliffe 428637136689371 12 Aug 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071714... more
Mr Keith Jarvis 324248866117005 2 Aug 2008

No problems, goods arrived as described and on time. Overall a good service and very good price !!
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070616... more
Mr S T Hall 455691985908105 22 Jul 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071612... more
A N Dunlop 558884227867112 1 Aug 2008

Its a shame that they don't appear to sell varifocals. Glasses are made in China and hence delivery takes a week or so. My glasses are well made and the prescription is correct.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008072293... more
Hugh Macmillan 618247200669375 7 Aug 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008062721... more
Anne Harriss 724209600786747 16 Jul 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071718... more
COLIN HUTCHISON 151998470570070 13 Aug 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008072612... more
Mr Iain Watt 667012591570692 11 Aug 2008

Brilliant communications and super service - Thank you!
Payment request from more
Mrs M Deeley 426546666485476 25 Jul 2008

I have a really high prescription and the cheapest i've ever been quoted for lenses alone in england is 120. So to get a complete frame and lens from 30 is absolutly amazing! i've never use high street...
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070814... more
Miss G S Bramley 203638782923608 23 Jul 2008

I@m quite happy about that
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008080620... more
mr r rys 931470912993094 22 Aug 2008

Good, fast service and quality glasses. Will use GlassesCrafter again!
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008062822... more
Emma Akwah 320814146837492 15 Jul 2008

Great deal on a nice pair of glasses. Would definitely buy from again.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070216... more
Clint Michael Coleto Suarez 750439565774104 24 Jul 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071518... more
miss s griffiths 722881642744495 2 Aug 2008

Brilliant - have already recommended site to chums
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008080413... more
Miss A M Petre 824277687993860 23 Aug 2008

Overall excellent service.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008072815... more
MR IAN KEWLEY 212784380850264 14 Aug 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070817... more
Mr D O' Prey 454810521036987 28 Jul 2008

Used them 4 times and always had prompt delivery and good quality glasses
Payment request from more
Mr A Peat 119299634593756 24 Jul 2008

Excellent. I am very pleased with the glasses, the service and the speedy delivery and will defnitely be recommending the site and purchasing again in the future. Kirstie
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008062984... more
Mrs Kirstie Bedford 348179404366326 16 Jul 2008

(no comment given)
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d mason 868474194444906 10 Aug 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071945... more
Johnathan Myers 418137481234713 7 Aug 2008

great glasses great service. I've used this company a few times never any problems.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008080893... more
Mr M F Boagey 612764546509687 23 Aug 2008

My only disappointment was not receiving the Emporio Armani glass case. When you purchase designer glasses the designer case should be included.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008080610... more
Caroline M Wright 273201130479723 21 Aug 2008

Really pleased with the service and the price and would definately buy again!
Payment request from more
W Kenworthy 757131771130743 5 Aug 2008

I was always a bit sceptical buying glasses over the internet but Glasses Crafter has such a good service and good quality that I will buy my glasses from now on from this site.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071883... more
Silke Maidens 466194918341224 2 Aug 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008080123... more
Mark Norlock 905227307690351 25 Aug 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008080515... more
Diana Rekos 415261458862724 21 Aug 2008

This is my second purchase from GlassesCrafter, they were a little slow in processing my order with a few e-mails passing back and forth but for quality and absolute value they cannot be beaten! My Hugo...
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070721... more
Mr J Reade 434729168019239 29 Jul 2008

I ordered two pair of single vision glasses from recently and I took delivery 13 days later and both pairs are brilliant.The service was excellent and at a very realistic price ,(50%...
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008072312... more
KHIN M AYE 713364606842614 8 Aug 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008080812... more
Nicholas Hunter 333016325862704 23 Aug 2008

brilliant, thanks
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070223... more
miss c murphy 423443172511952 21 Jul 2008

Have so far bought 2 pairs of glasses from them and cannot fault their quality and service. Remember these glasses come from Shanghi and the frames are very light and delicate but they are also good.
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MS MARY A WHITE 750098491856942 20 Jul 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071819... more
C Pearson 304044459710240 2 Aug 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071236... more
christian r. patno 406920623781286 1 Aug 2008

No problem! Will use this service again.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008062717... more
S E DAVISON 474087022888046 17 Jul 2008

I really liked the way one can shop for glasses through internet. The service is very good and the frame models are beautiful with a very large selection. I will definetly by again and encourage others...
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070715... more
Marusca Borg 568535027637989 29 Jul 2008

Veay pleased with my purchase, will use again, many thanks.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070319... more
mrs j roberts 563784113113112 20 Jul 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070417... more
Mrs Aimee Letch 459052880231654 1 Aug 2008

Item received approximately 3 weeks after order. Well packaged and item as specified, would recommend
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070122... more
Darryl M Keane 238575458736342 20 Jul 2008

Excellent all round .Quick posting & good quality glasses
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008072216... more
m hall 303260284376025 7 Aug 2008

the service was excellent for the tag heuer prescription glasses i purchased, they are excellent
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071082... more
mr r e jones 217280990432769 28 Jul 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070322... more
M A Evans 959089768449810 21 Jul 2008

Fast Shipping !!! Great pair of Glasses !!
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071923... more
Linda Wirth 245675868512956 5 Aug 2008

aA lovely pair of classes.Would use seller again
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008063093... more
j c voysey 777825062480495 17 Jul 2008

Very good, and the product came very quickly.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008080813... more
Mrs S C Holden 608668016671910 23 Aug 2008

I was a bit concerened that the glasses were shipped on the 18th July and I hadn't received them until late on the 24th July but when I saw they had been shipped from Shanghai all was forgiven. Good quality,...
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071001... more
Mr Steven Hermann 772636576835390 26 Jul 2008

Glasses have arrived and I am very pleased with them.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008062623... more
Mr S Hemingway 447965749543998 11 Jul 2008

Glasses are great - will be placing an order for another pair as soon as I can!
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070216... more
Miss D T Elston-Green 709682926673120 21 Jul 2008

The service was excellent and the glasses were very good value for money. I will defenetly be using them again.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071916... more
K Smith 631417870976709 4 Aug 2008

Excellent all round service. Highly recommended.
Payment request from more
MR HUSSAIN MALEK 252140675583718 16 Jul 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008072616... more
Dean Swann 542317175962432 10 Aug 2008

huge choice of glasses,great prices,quick and cheap delivery! saved me a fortune! thankyou!
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070611... more
mrs s farish 165746319245901 22 Jul 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008062918... more
christopher bartlett 721140288597692 19 Jul 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008063020... more
Glenda Campozano 549843287296778 18 Jul 2008

couldn't be better, I was even given 10% discount that I wasn't expecting
Payment request from more
P M CARTWRIGHT 551586720771856 18 Aug 2008

Superb service. Used before and would definately use again. The quality of the glasses are brilliant. My family have bought 6 pairs from Glasses crafter.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008073013... more
MISS KATIE HAMBLETON 764968550685802 16 Aug 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071021... more
mr l daniel 243280568900247 31 Jul 2008

received glasses after 16 days. I would have liked to have been informed as the readyness of my order,as I had no contact before the delivery.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008073117... more
Brian Twigger 210390225912112 16 Aug 2008

great service, really happy with the product and shipping - even though my delivery address was mixed up and it arrived to my home adress instead the one I asked to be delivered to.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008080416... more
Miss L Tomoryova 226267588872692 19 Aug 2008

My glasses arrived today & i am over the moon with them. My prescription is fine & i have a prism so worried that it might be off but they are perfect !!!!!!!! The finish on them is just as good as local...
Payment request from more
Miss F Wassell 172788450145970 25 Jul 2008

I am really satisfied with the store,it is reliable with immediate response to my mail requests and good ,more than value-for-price products.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070897... more
P.KARAGIORGOS 640112436993080 25 Jul 2008

good communication through email, glassses are what you see. Made well, the delivery took a bit longer than i thought, as they tried a different method of delivery, but they did email with this
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008080914... more
miss h a bradley 162370798320071 24 Aug 2008

Order as described and made to correct prescription. Quick delivery, excellent prices.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008080414... more
Laura Hayhurst 161956878441583 19 Aug 2008

verygood, efficient service. would recommend website to everyone.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008072911... more
miss l j barry 942441117109633 18 Aug 2008

service was great but i wasn't initially aware that the postage was 10-14 days if this was made clearer it would be easier to track my order but my problem was resolved really quickly and efficiently....
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071023... more
Miss Jessica R Au 763947704894126 28 Jul 2008

good easy system no worries
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070123... more
pamela brough 735407086191705 20 Jul 2008

The glasses arrived in exactly 12 days as stated in the email prior to my order, they were excellent in keeping in touch via email prior to the order as well.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070615... more
olusegun Ajose-Coker 853553859710708 26 Jul 2008

the service was outstanding, my glasses were delivered within 7 days, i will definately use again and would highly recommend to family and friends
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008072222... more
miss wendy l storer 247624677092242 7 Aug 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071614... more
MRS E A ROTHWELL 513602821642365 1 Aug 2008

Good value and product choice. website was easy to use and make the order.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070322... more
Alan Layton 105518326204505 20 Jul 2008

Really pleased with the glasses
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071523... more
Mr A G McDonald 965309585716895 31 Jul 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008080463... more
D J McCallum 873336532543200 20 Aug 2008

(no comment given)
Payment request from more
mr r f buxton 618341496088744 5 Aug 2008

The order was process was simple and easy to follow. The helpful tips at the side of the screen for entering your prescription correctly was really useful. Glasses arrived as promised within 10 days and...
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008073010... more
Miss M K Grout 201342383939116 14 Aug 2008

The glasses turned out beautifully and the prescription is just right.. the shipping took a lot longer than expected!!
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008063018... more
Mary Kate McDowell 910551044408739 27 Jul 2008

Very good
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070410... more
Mr Andrew J Harrison 716670677563259 25 Jul 2008

Good but takes longtime. I ordered expensive lenses and my wife ordered the basic lenses. Both look and the weight appear same for me. Tinted prescription glasses are too expensive.
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Dr Prabhat R Lakkireddi 740944076015087 13 Aug 2008

Quick Delivery No Hassle and really Nice Glasses.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071615... more
Miss Marsha Godwin 365095817588790 1 Aug 2008

I would recommend buying from this site! Took about two weeks or so to get my glasses. Only criticism is they didn't respond to my emails.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071116... more
Daniel Frisbie 421330604112956 30 Jul 2008

Astonishing Value, Vision Express wanted 320 for the same frame with Non Reflective Lenses. I got them here with super slim lenses aswell for 68 all inc!
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070220... more
Mr LP Banford 659280089040288 18 Jul 2008

They are very fast with email responses to questions. When ordering Tinting for custom sunglasses there is no way to order it directly off the website so a 2nd payment just for tinting is needed. There...
Payment request from more
Jeffery Coran 124100949704949 16 Aug 2008

experience was good however the glasses are fake
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071416... more
mr raja m asif 944717299818168 1 Aug 2008

I wish I had been told that the glasses would take 2 weeks to arrive and that they were coming from china. I just assumed that international shipping was available for international buyers. It should be...
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008062620... more
Miss A George 235405256367821 12 Jul 2008

GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071821... more
gerald sexton 157890776129811 2 Aug 2008

The glasses are excellent its just the delivery time but what can you expect when coming from Hong Kong. Would definately use again
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008063020... more
Mrs L C Dewhurst 200412254247874 18 Jul 2008

Very impressed with process and with general communication and would purchase products again. Have a small issue with lenses but will see how they deal with it.
Payment request from more
S J Reeves 226255086010351 25 Jul 2008

Great price and a good product...thanks
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071823... more
Mohamed K Shah 338388380984455 7 Aug 2008

GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070323... more
MRS M M WILKINSON 400914204619071 21 Jul 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008072218... more
Miss M A Stacey 826921049046575 7 Aug 2008

Good value for money. Glasses arrived within 10 working days of placing order. Having a uk address on the web page is a bit misleading as orders sent from china.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071519... more
Mr D B LLOYD 608321186138231 31 Jul 2008

The customer service was odd...they were helpful but would often send me an answer to a question I had not asked.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008070519... more
Miss A Currell 959808946059225 21 Jul 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008072119... more
Matthew R Ackred 445844576961056 8 Aug 2008

product quality and price were excellent but delivery was quite slow
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071222... more
darren k lightfoot 660427743494709 28 Jul 2008

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071713... more
Mrs J B Taylor 765713693786990 1 Aug 2008

Great, the shop spotted a problem with my prescription and checked it. The delivery was quick and the glasses are what I wanted. I am keen to order more from them but the frames are currently sold out...
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071811... more
Ms Lisa J Casey 910909985900913 7 Aug 2008
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Joined: 19 Jun 2006Jun 19, 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:20 pmAug 25, 2008    Post subject: glassescrafter

* - A list of recommended online
glasses retailers, listing a load of trusted sites. I would expect
them to have checked out their recommendations to some degree before
creating the article.





* - Mainly
pointing to MrsTom's post on that one

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Joined: 19 Jun 2006Jun 19, 2006
Posts: 8

PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 4:38 amAug 26, 2008    Post subject: review google checkout

(no comment given)
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071713... more
Mrs J B Taylor 765713693786990 1 Aug 2008

Great, the shop spotted a problem with my prescription and checked it. The delivery was quick and the glasses are what I wanted. I am keen to order more from them but the frames are currently sold out...
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008071811... more
Ms Lisa J Casey 910909985900913 7 Aug 2008

Well done GC. Glasses as expected good fit and to prescription.
GlassesCrafter.com_Glasses_2008073181... more
Mr Nigel C Tombs 808925823295376 16 Aug 2008

Very good no problems encounterd.
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