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PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2006 3:33 pmJun 13, 2006    Post subject: Purchase experience 2

Thought I would add my recent experience using Optical4Less.
I ordered a pair of black plastic glasses (P083 Black) with a grey tint as I wanted sunglasses mainly for driving. Order was placed on 30 May 2006 via the website with no problems. I quickly got an accurate conirmation of my order via e-mail. I also go a link to a web page where I could see the status of my order.

I noticed that they recommended between 5-8 days for manufacture of lenses and and additional 3-4 days for tinting so I didn't expect anything too soon. However, on 5 June 2006 I noticed that the order status had changed to shipped! Three days later the glasses arrived!

BUT, oh dear. I received the correct frames, but the lenses had no prescription applied and had no tint! They had just shipped the frames! This was the weekend and so I sent an e-mail to the customer service account. On Monday I got a reply back saying that they had sent two pairs: one was just the frames and the second was another frame with my lenses! And on 12 June the second pair arrived.

I am still a bit confused about what happened to my order. Because there was only four days between the arrival of the two pairs, I can only assume that they sent the first pair then quickly realized the mistake and made a second pair which they then shipped before telling me.

As described by the others, glasses arived in a hard plastic case inside a carboard box. The lenses were wrapped in lens cloth then wrapped in bubble wrap. The glasses were firmly held in the box. Seemed adequate protection.

The lens prescription is not perfect, but it is certainly good enough. My prescription is quite low so I don't know how someone with a stronger prescription would fair. The quality of the lenses appears to be fine and the frame quality is good and sturdy, although it is a little wide.

Overall impression: good. There was a mix up with the order and their customer service was quick to resolve and followed up to make sure I received the second pair. And as mentioned the overall quality is good and is certainly well worth the price. I would certainly use them again and I think I would recommend them to others too.
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