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PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2008 10:47 pmAug 07, 2008    Post subject: customer review

An individual sent me an email asking to post their experience in the forums. They sent the following:

I cannot recommend Selectspecs. My glasses came on time and the price seemed right. However, upon opening the packaging, there was a very strong, offensive chemical odor accompanying the glasses. I ‘aired them out’ for two days, but could still smell them across three rooms in an open air apartment. I must say that after 2-3 days, the airborne odor had diminished some. But later, after wearing the glasses for about an hour, the odor was on my skin and hair. Since there is only a 7-day time for returns, I emailed the problem and returned the glasses, asking the company to check for toxic paint: this company ships direct from Hong Kong, so I worried about China’s record for substituting toxic chemicals in order to hold down costs. Otherwise, I asked them to replace the glasses as defective OR to return them to me with a full disclosure on the chemicals used in the preparation of the lenses. I suspect the photo-chromatic coating was the source of the odor. I got no satisfaction on any request. The customer service was borderline polite and stonewalled reasonable efforts to get what I had ordered. They came out ahead, keeping over $90 for which I have nothing to show for.

Try a different online company, my husband did and he got two great pairs of glasses stateside.
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