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However, because a number of readers had posted helpful comments & reviews, and I didn't want to see it all vanish into oblivion permanently, I kept a backup around. What you're seeing now is that backup (almost 7 years old now - don't ask how I managed to get it running again...). Things are a bit scattered, and you can't post anything new (the buttons have all been disabled), but the original content is here if you're interested. Forum Index -> Others
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 1:20 pmMar 30, 2006    Post subject:

Has anyone done business with
The reviews on are all very positive.
The site has a Frame Finder virtual try-on program in which you can upload your own photo and then see how frames any of their thousands of frames look on you.
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 05, 2006 12:42 pmApr 05, 2006    Post subject: Frames Direct

I liked the virtual try-on, until I realized my face was too small for the frames. The size frame that looked good in a store was 6-8 mm larger on my virtual face. Be sure of your size before ordering from anyone.
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 6:12 amApr 07, 2006    Post subject: Re: choosing a frame/lens

Re: choosing a frame/lens

I've ordered and received 3 pairs online so far. The frame/lens were exactly what I wanted in all cases, so I must be doing something right Laughing. Here's my story:

When I started looking online, I had no idea what size frame/lens to order. I just knew that I look best in a rectangular-shape lens.

First, I learned to read the printing on the inside of my old frames. For example, my "newest" pair says 53-18-150. That means the lens width is 53mm, the bridge is 18mm, and the temple length is 150mm.

The temple length of 150mm is larger than most found online. But since the ear pieces were bent at almost a right angle to fit me, I knew I could go down to about 135mm safely.

Looking at the last few pairs I'd purchased, I found that the smallest lens width was 50, and this was also the pair I liked the least. So, I immediately restricted my search to lens widths of 50+, preferably higher.

Lens height isn't printed on the frame (at least it wasn't on any of mine). To determine lens height, I downloaded and printed the "measuring your pupillary distand" PDF from There is a 150mm "ruler" inside that you can use to measure lens height. NOTE: If your frame has no information printed inside, you can use this ruler to determine your lens height and width, and to estimate the temple length. I found that the lens height on my "newest" pair was 28mm. One "old" pair I have where I felt the lens height was "too small" measured 24mm.

Now, I had all the information I needed: I want rectangular lenses, width low to mid 50's, height in the high 20's, a temple length of 135-150mm, and a bridge of about 18mm. For sunglasses or transition lenses, larger lenses are better.
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2007 1:22 pmJun 12, 2007    Post subject:

so jps, how is the quality from this store? I am looking to buy a designer pair from them.
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